Powerchord Episode February 17, 2007

Broadcast on 17-Feb-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Get your dose of Metal w/ The Metal Pimp

Track Listing:

Converge · No Heroes
The End · Elementary
Converge · No Heroes
Liar's League
Soulscar · Endgame
20 bucks
Yakuza · Samsara
walk with me in hell
lamb of god · sacrament
Ocean Planet
Gojira · From Mars to Sirius
Smoked Out
Flotsam and Jetsam · Drift
Dead in the ruins of your own city
Fuck The Facts · Stigmata High-Five
In Abhorrence Dementia
Limbonic Art · In Abhorrence Dementia
Impostor's Kingdom
Unearth · III: In the eyes of fire
Away from emptiness
God Dethroned · The Toxic Touch
Evil Unleashed
Blood Tsunami · Blood Tsunami
The Pursuit Of Vikings
Amon Amarth · Fate Of Norns
When The Lion Devours
Anaal Nathrakh · Eschaton
brutal truth · need to control
At the Image of Pain
Moonspell · Memorial
King Antichrist
Dark Funeral · Attera Totus Sanctus
psyklon aeon
zyklon · aeon
Vendetta Assassin
Dodheimsgard(DHG) · Supervillain Outcast
wrath from above
immortal · damned in black
Path to Vanir
Enslaved · Ruun
Old No.7
Just Cause · Finger it out
Profane Believers
HeavenShallBurn · Deaf to our prayers
Confessions of a teenage garmmar queen
A Textbook Tragedy · A Partial dialogue between priest and ghost