Powerchord Episode January 27, 2007

Broadcast on 27-Jan-2007

1:00pm - 3:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Soulscar · Endgame
The Day you died
God Dethroned · The Toxic Touch
The Musk Ox
Ken Mode · Reprisal
Welcome to the jungle
Zombie Apocalypse · Bring You to your knees:tribute to GN'R
Yakuza · Samsara
Stranger Aeons
Entombed · Clandestine
lake of sulphur
the great deceiver · terra incognito
Solus · Slave Of Mind
In the wilderness
Gojira · From Mars to Sirius
Cold demons
Vader · Litany
With the sun
Eucharist · Mirrorworlds
Short term goals, long term disappoinments
Fuck the facts · Legacy of hopelessness
Face Yourself
Misery Signals · Mirrors
The Final March
Heavenshallburn · Deaf to our prayers
Theory In Practice · The Armageddon Theories
Guilty as charged
Ed Gein · Taste of Chaos Sampler '06
Rise of the Pentagram
Cradle Of Filth · Thornography
Not in rivers, but in drops
ISIS · In the absence of truth
of fist and flame
the end · within dividia
On this graveyard
Cataract · Kingdom
The Systems Failing
Nevermore · Dynamo Open Air 10th Anniversary
Poison Godmachine
Nevermore · Dreaming Neon Black
Strapping Young Lad · The New Black
20 Bucks
Yakuza · Samasara
The wonders at your feet
Dark Tranquillity · Haven