Pop Drones Episode April 15, 2020

Pop Drones April 15 2020

10:02am - 11:58am

that new wave bounce

Track Listing:

"No Sferics & Tweaks (DWIG Remix)"
Ninze · Comode 01
"Open Too Close"
Will Saul · Freya's Theme
"What U"
Aardvarck · Monkey Formula
Antenna · Quiet FX
"Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East?"
Laurence Guy · Why Do Cowboys Never Die In The East?
"The Lake"
John Beltran · The Lake
"Ka? Merkez"
Konduku · Lila
"Self / Distance"
Tribe Of Colin · Age of Aquarius
"Sagittarius A (Right Ascension)"
Function · Existenz
"Outside Time"
I Believe · Outside Time
"Native Sun"
Afriqua · Colored
Suzanne Kraft · Slam
"Current Location"
Ex-Terrestrial · Gamma Infolded
"Come Together"
Chaos In The CBD · Come Together
"Feeling Cosy"
Sweely · You Can Try This
"Lean In"
Complete Walkthru · Scrolls
"Star Fissure"
Ronan · Dream Portal
"Jap Collage"
Edward · Hooked On Magic