Pop Drones Episode April 8, 2020

Pop Drones April 8 2020

10:02am - 12:00pm

weird lil heat

Track Listing:

H.Takahashi · Sonne und Wasser
"Capablanca Spin"
Electric Capablanca · Puzzles & Studies
"What's Happening World?"
Sunny Balm · Eucalypt
"The Reality of Reincarnation"
Susumu Yokota · Cloud Hidden
"Coming Down"
Rich Ruth · Calming Signals
"Emerging Sights"
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikforening · Victory Over The Sun
"Ghost Of Tsushima"
Desolate · Exceptionalism
"Lamenting Machine"
ISAN · Lamenting Machine
Zatua · Sin Existencia
"Kombat (f. Jumanjí)"
Ramzi · Multiquest-Niveau 1: Camoufle?
"Medicine Man"
Unknown Mobile · Daucile Moon
"Energy Points"
RRoxymore · Face to Phase
"Fade Away"
Sleep D · Rebel Force
"Rave The Forest"
Bufiman · Albumsi
"Avocado Conception"
Fantastic Man · Solar Surfing
"Pressure No Impact"
Project Pablo · Inside Unsolved