Pop Drones Episode March 4, 2020

Pop Drones Feb 19 2020

10:03am - 12:00pm

synthesizer droooones

Track Listing:

Deathprod · Occulting Disk
"Vientos Ele?ctricos Hienden"
Mecánica Clásica · Vientos Eléctricos
"Slow Train Part 2 (Ems Synthi Aks)"
Donato Dozzy · One Instrument Sessions 05
"Approaching The Horizon"
David Granström · A Distant Color, Secluded
"Blood Fountain"
Dino Spiluttini · Heaven
"Vision of You"
Richard Fearless · Deep Rave Memory
Shasta Cults · Shasta Cults
"Collect Yourself / Well Arranged"
Eleh · Living Space
"Solid Of Revolution"
Jessica Ekomane · Multivocal