Pop Drones Episode January 22, 2020

Pop Drones January 22 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm

First episode of the new year. Buncha brand new braindance and clearing out some older tracks from 2019.

Track Listing:

"Bucket Of Eggs"
Lerosa · Bucket Of Eggs
Priori · On A Nimbus
"Sleep-Wake Cycles"
Jeff Mills · Moon - The Area Of Influence
"Kept In"
Tommy Vicari Jnr · Kept In
"I Know Not What I Do"
Afrodeutsche · RR001
"Reach The Bourgeois but Still Rock The Boulevard"
Madteo · Dropped Out Sunshine
"Nacht, Fluss, Grille, Auto, Frosch, Eule, Mucke"
Shed · Oderbruch
Flørist · 4 Letter Word
"Evaporating Entities"
Anthony Linell · Core Field Horizon
Denis Sulta · Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd
Raime · Planted
"I, Cavallo"
Leon Vynehall · I, Cavallo
Claro Intelecto · In Vitro - Volume Two
"What It Takes"
Neon Chambers · One
Evigt Mörker · Krona
"A Mothers Love"
Akiko Haruna · Delusions