Pop Drones Episode December 11, 2019

Pop Drones Dec 11 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm

dark ambient/drone

Track Listing:

"Chapter 4"
Karl Fousek · In The Forest
"Relief, Pt.1"
Asuna & Jan Jelinek · Signals Bulletin
"O.M.A. (Abul Mogard Remix)"
Aisha Devi · And We Are Passing Through Silently
"Window Unit + Three Flat"
M. Sage · Catch a Blessing
Fennesz · Agora
Sonmi451 · Nachtmuziek
African Ghost Valley · Uerree
"The Mountain Didn’t Want To Be Cut And The Mountain Fought Back Part 1 (Corpses
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement · Panama Canal Left-Hand Path
"Long decline is over "
The Caretaker · Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 6