Pop Drones Episode November 6, 2019

Pop Drones Nov 6 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm


Track Listing:

"All We Have Is Speed"
Call Super · All We Have Is Speed/All We Have Is Glue
"Tierra del Fuego"
Seph · Tierra del Fuego
"Zeus I Prepare For Launch"
A Sagittariun · Return To Telepathic Heights
"Identical to Nothing"
Bill Converse · Hallways
Shedbug · There's Hope for You Yet
Andre Bratten · Pax Americana
"Arc Rail"
SDEM · Index Hole
Biochip · Synthase
Mikron · Severance
"Fluenka's Song"
Ondo Fudd · Eyes Glide Through The Oxide
"The Way You Drive"
Karen Gwyer · Oscillate Tracks 003
Daed · Coordinate
"Awful Mutation"
Transparent Sound · Gently Evil
Baltra · Ted