Pop Drones Episode September 18, 2019

Pop Drones Sept 18 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm

industrial strength cochlea cleaner

Track Listing:

"Truth Matters"
Pfirter · The Empty Space
"Le Phonk"
90 Process · Fuse
"Lost in Humanity"
Shlomi Aber · Lost in Humanity
Heiko Laux · Klockworks 24
"Engage Now"
Planetary Assault Systems · Straight Shooting
"Crush the System Soak.Create_Soak_Party_Situation"
Varg · Sky City: A Weak Heart to Break (Spit)
"Deconstruction (Ancient Methods Remix)"
Salford Electronics · Deconstruction
Blazej Malinowski · Entity
"Three Waves"
Von Grall · Three Waves
"A Moment Before"
Psyk · A Moment Before
Karenn · Kind Of Green
"Sample Predator"
Zenker Brothers · Spiritual Priority
"Trust (V.2)"
Sleeparchive · Revised Recordings
Derivatives · Unlimited Risk
Perc · Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer
"Chaos Come To Conquer"
Dax J · Chaos Come To Conquer