Pop Drones Episode July 24, 2019

Pop Drones July 24 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm

warm n twisty. summer synapses are firing

Track Listing:

"Circular Time"
Don't DJ · Laniakea
BL Brixton · Closed Eyes Tourist
"It's Dangerous to Go Alone"
Sage Caswell · Evil Twin
FFT · Regional / Loss
"In Static"
John Beltran · The Musical Storm
Mårble · Club Cuts.
"Mental Dive"
Edward · Underwater Jams
Anthony Naples · Fog FM
Tracey · Biostar
"Only the Appraiser"
Aasthma · Only The Appraiser
"Take Me To Common Ground"
Evitceles · The Substance of my Fantasies
"Frozen Dirt Trace"
Katsunori Sawa · An Enlightenment Manual, Your Consciousness Of Truth
Tristan Arp · Plexi
Nite Fleit & Mall Grab · Moogie