Pop Drones Episode June 5, 2019

Pop Drones June 5 2019

10:01am - 12:00pm

Warm summer bounce

Track Listing:

"Burnt Toast"
Lowtec · Light Surfing
Trux · Eleven
"That Pain"
Bludwork & AFK · Loyalty n Service
"Shoulder Of The Hill"
Duckett · Corde Raide Nulle Vers
Klein Zage · Womanhood
"Loops For Healing"
Octo Octa · For Lovers
"In Gold"
Black Light Smoke · City Life
"Sidewalk Obstacle"
Tile Plazas · Forever Cruising
"Free the Vibe"
Kez YM · Cross Section
"By the Way"
Adham Zahran · The Midnight Tower
"West World"
Kassem Mosse and FIT Siegel · Saboten
"Heaven & Earth"
Fort Romeau · Heaven & Earth
DJ Panthr · Planet X
Laurence Guy · Making Music Is Bad for Your Self Esteem
"Action and Reaction"
Marlon Hoffstadt · Simple Communication
Shanti Celeste & Hodge · Soba Dance