Pop Drones Episode May 22, 2019

Pop Drones May 22 2019

10:01am - 12:00pm

deep pulses of bass

Track Listing:

VC-118A · Inside
Lakker · Época
1800HaightStreet · Age
"Angela On The Balcony"
Metric Systems · People In The Dark
"Paradise of Crane"
Rai Scott · Detached Observation
"Goya (Rhauder Remix)"
Mathimidori · Yosago
"Cacique de Poyais"
Gunnar Haslam · Cacique de Poyais
"Exhibit Structures"
Positive Centre · Forever Optimum
"Bridgetown Dub"
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement · Venus Flytrap Exotica
"Earth Floor"
Trux · Eleven
"Sites of the Sacred Feminine"
Our Lady Of The Flowers · Holiday In Thule
Bartosz Kruczy?ski · Selected Media 2016 - 2018
"Slow Poem (Segue Remix)"
Purl · Poems
"Untitled 7"
Pom Pom · Untitled II
"Prayers By The Lake IV"
Seraphim Rytm · Prayers By The Lake
"Refraction Praxis"
Evan Caminit · Refraction