Pop Drones Episode May 15, 2019

Pop Drones May 15 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm

ambient transmissions

Track Listing:

"Overcome Isolation"
Debit · Love Discipline
Simon Scott · Soundings
Not Waving · Futuro
William Basinski · On Time Out of Time
"Nos Reunimos Em Fantasias"
Ben Lamar Gay · Confetti in the Sky Like Fireworks (This Is Bate Bola OST)
"Vomit House"
connect_icut · No Darkness?
Ekin Fil · LOMA
"Rooms 1-3"
Tape Loop Orchestra · Interiors One
"Anti-stress for Babies and Families"
Suso Sáiz · Nothing Is Objective
Ulla Straus · Big Room
"Part Four"
The Chi Factory · The Mantra Recordings