Pop Drones Episode April 24, 2019

Pop Drones April 24 2019

10:01am - 12:00pm

bouncin' n floatin'

Track Listing:

"Slippery Partition"
Low Flung · The Plunger Ripple
"Vegan Bordbistro"
DJ Swagger · Faces Whatsoever
"Second Cycle"
People Plus · Olympus Mons
"Any Day Now"
Ciggy De La Noche · Strictly Come Dancing
Brawther · s/t
Rockford Inc. · Levyana
"Take Care (DJ Heure remix)"
Subjoi · Take Care
"Tricky LSD"
Greg Beato · Cum In Peace
Cody Currie · Alpha Bravo
"From the Dirt"
Waajeed · From the Dirt
"Oldest Friend"
Minimono · Some Day
"SS Anne"
JVXTA · Orange Islands
"Clear Drive"
Mix Mup · Clear Drive
Will Saul · Arps & Early Starts
"Paranoia on Tap"
Roza Terenzi · split w/Sleep D