Pop Drones Episode April 3, 2019

Pop Drones April 3 2019

10:02am - 12:02pm

synth-y soundtrack

Track Listing:

Green Healing Highness"
Eva Geist · Urban Monogamy
Bartosz Kruczy?ski & Poly Chain · Pulses
Metric Systems · People In The Dark
Black Merlin · Void
"Hollow Earth"
Pye Corner Audio · Hollow Earth
"Eine Kleine Emusik"
Neville Watson · The Midnight Orchard
"Cherry Dream"
Daniel Brandt · Channels
"Enhance 224"
Jamie Paton · Disk Memories
"Side A"
Not Waving & Jim O’Rourke · Side A/Side B
Cass. · Postclub Prism
Acronym & Kali Malone · The Torrid Eye
Ana Roxanne · ~~~
"Face 2 Face"
Chinaski · Bodies and Places
"Hold Music I 1648"
Annelies Monseré · Happiness Is Within Sight
"In The Shadow Of"
Nate Young · Volume One: Dilemmas Of Identity