Pop Drones Episode March 13, 2019

Pop Drones March 13 2019

10:00am - 12:01pm

5th world bubbles

Track Listing:

"Snitches Brew feat. Mansur Brown"
Kamaal Williams · New Heights/Snitches Brew
"Today (feat. Sam Gendel)"
Sam Wilkes · WILKES
"Ir A Sagres"
Silvestre · Girar
"The Amala Trick"
Laksa · The Amala Trick
"Looking at Mum Objectively"
Duckett · Corde Raide Nulle Vers
"Super Fluid"
Jolly Mare · Logica Natura
"Astri & Riflessi"
Pellegrino · Pellegrino pres. Zodyaco
"Waves (Mark Barrott Sketches From And Island Healing Hands)"
ROTLA · Waves
"Coastal Garden (Bronte Bath Mix)"
Low Flung · The Plunger Ripple
Yoshinori Hayashi · Ambivalence
Felbm · Tape 1/Tape 2
"Urban Monogamy"
Eva Geist · Urban Monogamy
"His Peculiar Livestreams"
G.S. Schray · First Appearance
"Psychedelic Spirit Show"
Moon Wiring Club · Psychedelic Spirit Show
Dolphin Midwives · Liminal Garden
"Love's Promise"
Mac-Talla Nan Creag · The Sorrow Of Derdriu