Pop Drones Episode March 6, 2019

Pop Drones March 6 2019

10:00am - 12:00pm

Fundrive edition! A smorgasbord of Pop Drones delights.

Track Listing:

Laurence Guy · Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem
"It Makes You Forget (Jamal Moss)"
Peggy Gou · It Makes You Forget Remixes
"Neu Ogre"
Stabudown Productions · Strange Rabbits
"Nektarin 5"
Olsen · Dream Operator
"Spirit Alien"
D. Tiffany · Oscillate Tracks 001
"Olympus Mons"
People Plus · Olympus Mons
"Earth 1"
Precipitation · Earth/Sky
Dan Piu · Tru Time and Ages
NKISI · 7 Directions
"Love's Promise"
Mac-Talia Nan Creag · The Sorrow Of Derdriu
"Belle Isle Symphonics"
cv313 · Glass City Sessions
"Quantam Prayer - One"
Our Lady Of The Flowers · Holiday In Thule
"To My Benefitors"
Jay Glass Dubs · Epitaph
Anthony Naples · Take Me With You
"Hollow Earth"
Pye Corner Audio · Hollow Earth