Pop Drones Episode December 26, 2018

Pop Drones December 26 2018

10:02am - 12:02pm

A heavy dose of ambience. Special feature on a recent batch of releases from the always excellent Constellation Tatsu label.

Track Listing:

"Led Away"
Casino Versus Japan · Suicide By Sun
Dino Spiluttini · No Horizon
"A Small Procession"
poemme · Moments in Golden Light
Rafael Anton Irisarri · El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente
"East Pond"
OCA · Preset Music
"We Meet, To End"
Hainbach · Songs For Coco
"Milwaukee Protocol"
Less Bells · Solifuge
"Inner Voice"
Tape Loop Orchestra · Return To The Light
"Absence (Johansson, Sweden)"
Joakim · The Studio Venezia Sessions
"Unearth II"
Only Now and Orogen · s/t
"Stage 5 Sudden Time Regression Into Isolation"
The Caretaker · Everywhere at the end of time - Stage 5