Pop Drones Episode December 19, 2018

Pop Drones December 19 2018

10:00am - 11:43am

Plush house n boogie for those cold winter nights

Track Listing:

"Flyte Time"
DJ Aakmael · Flyte Time
"Like I Said"
Art Alfie · The Bo Allan
"OK Carlos"
Admin · BPLS002
"Soul Value (Jersey Groove)"
Housemates · Soul Value
Verner · Crash of the Web Era
Vronsky · Darlington Avenue
"Soft Touch"
X-Coast · XTC
"Aeo (Rhythm Mix)"
DJ Normal 4 · Exoticz
"One Of A Kind"
Omar S · One Of A Kind
Local Artist · Dancer / Dreamer
"Love it TBH"
Rest Corp · Infinity Scroll
"Pacific Soul"
Papeete Sun · Pacific Soul
Rhode & Brown · Wave 100
"And So Do Eye"
Videopath · A Cure for Melancholy
Raam · Unfinished Diary
"You Were Very High"
Shit & Shine · Very High