Pop Drones Episode December 5, 2018

Pop Drones December 5 2018

10:03am - 12:03pm

Earthy electronics

Track Listing:

"Offering Bowl"
Unearth Noise / Dreamspeak · And The Light Beams Will Guide The Way
Panchasila · s/t
"In Between"
Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt · Latitudes
"Hidden Tropics (Revisited)"
Alex Kassian · Hidden Tropics
CS + Kreme · Cold Shoulder
John Carroll Kirby · Meditations in Music
"Waiting Halls"
Tuomo Väänänen · A Small Flood
Yu Su · Preparations For Departure
"Her Name Is Vairumati"
Wanderwelle · Gathering Of The Ancient Spirits
Artis · Caecilia
Inner River · Inner River
H Takahashi · Escapism
Ben Penn · Very Important
"The Only Survivor Is Now Alone On The Island"
Magnétophonique · Une Cartographie Idéale
"In Gleam"
Nadia Khan · In Gleam
"A Day of Radiance"
Kaoru Inoue · Em Paz
"Coeur Cassé"
RAMZi · Phobiza "Amor Fati": Vol. 3