Pop Drones Episode November 28, 2018

Pop Drones November 28 2018

10:01am - 12:02pm

Third Wave IDM--Introspective Dance Music

Track Listing:

H Takahashi · Escapism
"A Field"
BLNDR · l'Observatoire
"Planet B"
Khotin · Beautiful You
The Bermuda Triangle · Sketches from Space
Mika Vainio & Vigroux · Ignis
"Take Me To Your Leader"
Derek Carr · Contact
TC80 · Play
Buttechno · Cherskogo Drive
"Mindless Fullness"
Donato Dozzy · Mindless Fullness
"Prayers By The Lake III"
Seraphim Rytm · Prayers By The Lake
"Depth Of Field"
Mohlao · Depth Of Field
Answer Code Request · Air Texture Vol. VI
"Between Form and Matter"
Steffi · Air Texture Vol. VI
"Stay Frosty"
Attraktta · Echo Principle
"1st 44"
Aphex Twin · Collapse
Mattheis · Thin Sections
"Look At Me"
Kreggo · ntrospective Dance Music