Pop Drones Episode November 14, 2018

Pop Drones November 14 2018

10:00am - 12:00pm

Wall of ambient sounds

Track Listing:

Vakulism · Edelweiss Reflection
"At Dawn"
Ekin Fil · Maps
Kareem Lotfy · QTT10
"Des Vieux Temples"
Pendant · bblisss
"Etherscapes (Variant Reform)"
Radius · Obsolete Machines (Variant Reworks)
"Eyes on Ceiling"
CS + Kreme · Cold Shoulder
"First Currents"
Inner River · Inner River
"In Loco Parentis"
Inland & Julian Charriere "In Loco Parentis" · An Invitation To Disappear
Helios · Veriditas
"Of the Living"
Matchess · Sacracorpa
"Painful Love In 96Khz"
Cass. · Postclub Prism
"Reversed Swell"
Jason Kolàr · Modified Perspectives
"Veratum - Long Version"
From · Y.O.U.