Pop Drones Episode September 12, 2018

Pop Drones Sept 12 2018

10:08am - 12:08pm

Cosmic surf

Track Listing:

"Lidojums Uz Sauli"
Ingus Bauš?enieks · Spoki
"Percussion Sundance"
Kash · Jura Soundsystem Presents Transmission One
"Aorsom Wislhs"
River Yarra · Lucky Boy
Tigue · Strange Paradise
"Maria's Holiday"
Bruxas · Sirocco
Andrea Benini · Drumphilia Vol 1
"Wind on the Water"
Shook · Bicycle Ride
"Earlyman Dance (Canyon Version)"
Benedek · Earlyman Dance
Eva Geist · Desfãn
"Der Garten"
Stimming · Die Luft, der Garten und das Meer
"Real (Agallo)"
Michal Turtle · Middle of the Road Less Travelled 1
"The Bass Between Us"
D. Tiffany · V2M
"Glow Wall"
Via Maris · Glow Wall / CU2
"Rent Day"
Project Pablo · Come to Canada You Will Like It
"Pillow People"
Darling · Tulipa Moves
"Water Soaked In Forever"
Khotin · Beautiful You
"Cypher NY Mix"
Pablo's Eye · Bardo For Pablo