Pop Drones Episode May 30, 2018

Pop Drones May 30 2018

10:00am - 11:58am

Synth bliss

Track Listing:

If You Want Me Now
Happy Meals · Fruit Juice
Les Aphides
Essaie Pas · New Path
Potter Natalizia Zen · Shut Your Eyes On The Way Out
Solarised Sound
Cavern Of Anti-Matter · Hormone Lemonade
Mark Pritchard · The Four Worlds
A Violation Of The Principle Of Causality
Polypores · The Impossibility
Psychic Incision
Severed+Said · Incorporeality
Vermillion Pink
Mind Over Mirrors · Bellowing Sun
Let Know
Simon Haydo · The Illusion Of An Alternative Choice
View From The Peak
Albrecht La'Brooy · Tidal River
Interlude 1
Mica Levi · Delete Beach
Oblivion Sun
S.O.N.S · Shin-Okubo One Night Stand
Capra Split Diopter
S & D · Co Intel PRO
Max Loderbauer · Greyland
Full Moon Moth
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement · Green Graves