Pop Drones Episode March 14, 2018

Pop Drones March 14 2018

10:00am - 11:59am

Two hours of new noise. Celebrating 20 years of music from long-time noise-makers Wolf Eyes and Prurient

Track Listing:

A Circle
Profligate · Somewhere Else
Zomby · Mercury's Rainbow
Yves De Mey · Bleak Comfort
Switch 17
Aaron Dilloway · Switches
Unnatural Channel Part 2
Drew McDowall · Unnatural Channel
Prosthetic 1
Croww · Prosthetics
The Expanding Domain
Dedekind Cut · The Expanding Domain
Wolf Eyes · Undertow
Black Flags Ov The Holy Sonne
Efrim Manuel Menuck · Pissing Stars
Never Release The Tension
Invisible Church and Marie Davidson · Whatever Makes You Feel Safe
Die Angel · Entropien I
Before Rain Becomes Snow
Prurient · Unknown Rains
Locked Hands
Roll The Dice · Born To Ruin
Cosmogony A
Demdike Stare · Cosmogony