Pop Drones Episode February 7, 2018

Pop Drones February 7 2018

10:01am - 11:56am

warped n warbled synthesizer workouts

Track Listing:

Prime Spiral
Clocolan · Nothing Left To Abandon
At Ville
Palta · Universel
Northern Safety Route
Pye Corner Audio · Where Things Are Hollow
Do You Hear Them
Pye Corner Audio · The Spiral
Distant Images
D.K. · Distant Images
Device Warbling
Levels · s/t
Isorinne · Speechless Malison
Matisa Anse
Amandra · Dame De Bahi
Von Spar · Garzweiler
Perpetuum Mobile
Mikrovolt · I
Bitchin Bajas · Bajas Fresh
Levitation Game
Byron Westbrook · Body Consonance
The Mask
Off World · 2
Tuned To Monochrome
Gregg Kowalsky · L'Orange L'Orange
Frozen Music
Jack Allett · The Object Isn't Here