Pop Drones Episode December 13, 2017

Pop Drones December 13 2017

10:00am - 12:00pm

2017 Best Of Part 1. Focusing on the wide-ranging world of ELECTRONIC music.

Track Listing:

Slow Motion
Garrett · Private Life
When The Rain
Trudge · When The Rain
The Words Are Just Sounds
Patricia · Several Shades Of The Same Color 1/3
Carsten Jost · Perishable Tactics
Kettenkarussell · Insecurity Guard
kurrytee [MIDI_2_CV]
Brainwaltzera · Ploy-ana
Outgoing Society
Shed · The Final Experiment
Different Entities
Steffi · World Of The Waking State
Desolate · Lunar Glyphs
Tight Lines
Jim Coulter · Haar
Dead Faces From The Past
G.R.I.T. · Drifting From The Bay
Oberla 8
CVBox · So Ist Es Im Nadelwald
Ohm and Kvadrant · Elevation
First Plate 3
Shinichi Atobe · From The Heart, It's A Start, A Work Of Art
Anguilia Electrica
Porter Ricks · Anguila Electrica
A Magia Do Rei, Pt. 2
Ninos Du Brasil · Vida Eterna
Harnessed Life in Programmed Form
Conforce · Autonomous
Dorje Ngodup
Bill Converse · The Shape Of Things To Come
Path Of Ruin (Pain Mix)
DJ Richard · Path Of Ruin