Pop Drones Episode October 18, 2017

Pop Drones October 18 2017

10:01am - 11:54am

An episode of intricate and/or complex electronic music, we used to call it IDM.

Track Listing:

A Perspective With No End (Shit and Shine Version)
Tomaga · Greeting From The Bitter End
LA Trance
Four Tet · New Energy
Different Entities
Steffi · World Of The Waking State
kurrytee [MIDI_2_CV]
Brainwaltzera · Ploy-ana
NHK yx koyxen · Exit Entrance
Less Than Two Seconds
Hiro Kone · Love Is The Capital
Soren Roi · Macon
Orson Welles · Pneumatics
Dorje Ngodup
Bill Converse · The Shape Of Things To Come
Tribal Debt
Somali Extract · Pareidolia
Harnessed Life In Programmed Form
Conforce · Autonomous
Zuli · Numbers
N Bun Kan Kan (bld rm)
Paradon't · Thrd Mpact
Assel · This Will Not Stand
Jan St. Werner · Spectric Acid (Fiepblatter Catalogue #5)
Holy Error
Sote · Sacred Horror In Design
Shit and Shine · Hamburger