Pop Drones Episode July 12, 2017

Pop Drones July 12 2017

9:59am - 11:56am

Travellin' the spaceways with two hours of textural synth-based music.

Track Listing:

Flight Through Grey
Scott Gilmore · Subtle Vertigo
Justin Walter · Unseen Forces
The Way Of The Water
Suso Saiz · Rainworks
Cracks In The Shield
Scuba Death · The Worm At The Core
Kilchhofer · Acosta split w/Hainbach
Tight Lines
Jim Coulter · Haar
I Represent The Darkness
Rude 66 · From Reason To Ritual
Hit Fire To Respawn
Credit 00 · Game Over
Dopplereffekt · Cellular Automata
Heart Of Darkness
Hainbach · Acosta split w/Kilchhofer
Gonda's Dream (Cavern Of Antimatter Version)
Tomaga · Greeting From The Bitter End
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe · Kulthan
Konrad Sprenger · Stack Music
Roll The Dice · Born To Ruin