Pop Drones Episode April 5, 2017

Pop Drones April 5 2017

10:01am - 11:52am

Fourth world explorations and spectral-drone analysis. Couple new students of old school ambient/drone studies (Sarah Davachi, Aine O'Dwyer unleash heavy duty LPs, and a couple old school experimentalists (Richard Pinhas (aka of Heldon) and Vito Ricci) show that they can learn new tricks.

Track Listing:

Police Bribe
Jonny Nash · Eden
Visible Cloaks · Reassemblage
Nano-Zootypes In A Tenctonese Exhibition Tank
Typhonian Highlife · The World Of Shells
Nachtwanderung Durch Die Rheinauen AM 19.05.2016
Richard Von Der Schulenburg · Wanderung Durch Wald Und Flur
All This Has Passed Forever
Abul Mogard · split w/Maurizio Bianchi
The Dusk Pines
High Plains · Cinderland
French Cocoon (Mutagen)
Evan Caminiti · Toxic City Music
For Piano
Sarah Davachi · All My Circles Run
Alter Boy
Aine O'Dwyer · Locusts
It Tolls For Thee
Vito Ricci · A Symphony For Amiga
Specific Gratitude Is A Stride Towards Being More Conscious
Famous Moon King · Light Travels In Straight Lines
Dronz 4 - V2
Richard Pinhas · Reverse [Ex]