Pop Drones Episode January 25, 2017

Pop Drones Jan 25 2017

10:01am - 11:58am

Two hours of blissed-out ambient music.

Track Listing:

Burial · s/t
Killing Time
Nicolas Jaar · Sirens
Danny Clay · Stills
Ramzi · Phobiza Dia: Vol. 1
Reference Point Intermission 1
Pinkcourtesyphone · Taking Into Account Only A Portion Of Your Emotions
Secret Pyramid · Distant Works
Hakoboune · In Arboreal Whispering
Armstrong Opening/Closing
Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie · Salero
I See Your Breath
Ex Confusion · Last
Conversations With Angels
Dedekind Cut feat. DJ Shadow and Chino Amobi · Successor
All Your Lies
WSR · Chambers
Rules, Ropes and Strings
Peder Mannerfelt · Equality Now
Final Descent
Acronym · The Void Beneath
In Staying
Sarah Davachi · Vergers
Isle Enchanted
Wave Temples · Isle Enchanted Pt 2