Pop Drones Episode December 14, 2016

Pop Drones Dec 14 Best of 2016 Part II

10:01am - 11:59am

Counting back all the best in garage/psych/rawk/punk etc that 2016 had to offer.

Track Listing:

Escape Capsule
Morgan Delt · Phase Zero
Wasp In A Jar
Cross Record · Wabi-Sabi
Ode To The Old Ways
Whitney K · Goodnight
Hard To Clean
Chook Race · Around The House
Third War
Terry · Terry
Arrive Alive
Wireheads · Arrive Alive
Atmosphere Room
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Managerial Material
The World · Managerial Material
Friend Name Betty
The Submissives · Do you Really Love Me?
The Lawn
The Lavender Flu · s/t
Honey Radar · Blank Cartoon
Pass On By
Slow Dawn · You Are Now Entering...
Astral Trane
Writhing Squares · In The Void Above
U.S. Ruse
Spacin' · Total Freedom
Wizard Thing
The Pheromoans · I'm On Nights
Oil and Water
New Fries · Fresh Face Foward
Seven People
Lithics · Borrowed Floors
Spray Paint · Feel The Clamps
Dry Swift Horse
Behavior · 375 Images of Angels
I Don't Know
Dog Chocolate · Snack Fans
The Ozone Layer
Leather Towel · s/t
Chase The Rainbow
Whipper · Shit Love
Negative Space · s/t
Peace Dub
CCR Headcleaner · Tear Down The Wall
Rot In Hell
So Pitted · Neo
Anxiety · s/t
Crazy Spirit · s/t