Pop Drones Episode October 26, 2016

Pop Drones Oct 26 2016

9:58am - 11:57am

Two hours of uneasy listening.

Track Listing:

Avril 14th
Murcof and Vanessa Wagner · Statea
The Loves Of My Entire Life
The Caretaker · Everywhere at the End of Time
Rorschach Pavan
Eluvium · False Readings On
Masayoshi Fujita and Jan Jelinek · Schaum
Misty Island
Andrew Chalk · Everyone Goes Home When The Sun Sets
Wyll and Purpose
Biosphere · Departed Glories
Basic House · Government
Collapse of Materialists
Forma · Physicalist
Ryo Murakami · Esto
Age Of Walls
Lundin Oil · Between the Shields
Helen Money · Become Zero
Housebound Demigod
G.H. · Housebound Demigod
...Och Jag Teg
Norin · Reflekterar
Heart Wash
Fis · From Patterns To Details
...You Shine in the Sky Of My Mind
JS Truchy · Transmission In An Expanse of Firelight, Hear Me!