Pop Drones Episode August 10, 2016

Pop Drones Aug 10 2016

9:54am - 11:58am

Stack of new 12" and a few long players from labels like Black Opal, 1080p, Church, L.I.E.S. and so many others.

Track Listing:

Moon B · Anything
Current 82 (12 Mix)
DJ Sotofett · split w/SVN
Keen Insight
Nitam · Cancellate
La View
Trevino · Front
Parris · Skeletal
Jazz Vol. 1
Seb Wildblood · Jazz Vol. 1
All In
J Albert · Strictly J
Slick Response
45 ACP · Graveyard Shift
Kundalini Rising
FP-Oner · 6
Running Dry
Randomer · Running Dry
Vapour Trail
Lone · Levitate
Peter Van Hoesen · Quadra
Personable · Oyster
Menace II Society
Mall Grab · Menace II Society
No No No
Nathan Melja · No No No
Without Fear
Russell E.L. Butler · The First Step
They Can Tell
Floorplan · Victorious