Pop Drones Episode July 13, 2016

Pop Drones July 13 2016

10:02am - 11:52am

Two hours of new demented and unhinged garage rawk/post-punk et al. Big dips into the Midwest and the West Coast as well as a batch of new stuff from the always vibrant Australian DIY scene.

Track Listing:

Whitney K · Goodnight
Third War
Terry · Terry HQ
Primo! · Primo Cassetto
ELectric Snoopy Gang
Cheena · Spend The Night With..
Month 2 Month
Connections · Midnight Run
Fort Wayne Mermaids
Honey Radar · Blank Cartoon
Stuck In The New Teens
Conditioner " · Suggested Use
Managerial Material
The World · Managerial Material
Wieder' Floor
Say "No" To Architecture · s/t
Atmosphere Room
Brave Radar · Lion Head
Pull My Arm
Flowers · Everybody's Dying To Meet You
Mitski · Puberty 2
Walking Through Walls
Orchestra Of Spheres · Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon
Sycamore Tree
Mountains and Rainbows " · Particles
Try The Mirror (Pure Gold Mix)
Sievehead · Buried Beneath
Can't Believe
The Intelligence Service · st
50s Haircut/Gold Shoes
Sleeping Beauties · s/t
God Disappeared
Guinea Worms · Smiles 2
Pop Life
Chinese Girls · Pop Life/Of
Burn Barrel
Spray Paint · Feel The Clamps
Falling In
Goggs · s/t
Peace Dub
CCR Headcleaner · Tear Down The Wall
Lousy Company
Septic Tankers · Slave To The Dial
They Came For Us
Zig Zags · Running Out Of Red
Non-Narrative Thoughts
Frustrations · Transmissions From The Ether
Nacho Chips
Leather Towel · s/t
The Worst
Anxiety · s/t