Pop Drones Episode June 1, 2016

Pop Drones June 1 2016

9:59am - 11:55am

The annual Music Waste sneak peak show! Some of the heavy hitters right alongside this year's sleeper picks.

Track Listing:

Supermoon · Playland
Inside Out n Upside Down
The Orange Kyte · bandcamp
I Don't Answer Questions
Pale Red Band · bandcamp
Swim Team · Freedom/Constraint
Tesstopia · bandcamp
Zoot Suit
Ruby Karinto · s/t
Minor Meltdown
Softess · Absolute Truth
TV Ugly · UCLA Yankee Cola
Kiso Island · bandcamp
Glad Rags · Smile
Time Wounds All Heals
Spring Breaks · bandcamp
Dumb · Beach Church
Cash In
Teeth Dreams · bandcamp
School Girl · Sijil
Melt Into The Floor
Tuna Melt · bandcamp
Wash Away
Fuzzy P · bandcamp
High Tides
Atsea · Bleak Tropics
Crash Die Laughing
Maskara · Who Is Society
Silent Empires
Plazas · Empathy
Darkened Place
Brutes · bandcamp
Beginner's Mind
Pavel · soundcloud
I Will Never Die
Morning Coup · Baby Blue
You're In A Car It's Going Fast
Shitlord Fuckerman · bandcamp
Cross The Ocean
R23X · OSV: Original Sound Version
Lexicon Of Desire
Aquarius · bandcamp
Strange Charm
Meteoric Rise · bandcamp
Kind Blue
Same Same · soundcloud
Lil Mama
So Loki · soundcloud