Pop Drones Episode May 25, 2016

Pop Drones May 26 2016

10:01am - 11:50am

Mixed bag of electronic-based music this week, ranging from 70s sci-fi soundtrack-y stuff to more experimental knob twiddlin'.

Track Listing:

Babyfather · BBF" Hosted By Dj Escrow
Lau Nau · Hem
Shy Ones
Shy Ones · Shy Ones
Montagne Transparenti
Alessandro Adriani · Montagne Transparenti
Closer Closer
Kane Iki · Modern Pressure
NR 5
KWX 92 · Iran
A Sagittariun · Elasticity
American Zen 1and2
Dedekind Cut · American Zen
Inspo (Ambient Mix)
Max D · Boost
Carry Her (Wave)
Matt Karmil · ++++
Moorg 3
Healing Force Project · Perihelion Transit
Seven Psychotropic Sinwave Palindromes
Jake Meginsky · Psychotropic Sinwave Palindromes