Pop Drones Episode May 18, 2016

Pop Drones May 18 2016

9:59am - 11:57am

Two hours of dronin' n driftin' this week for your listenin pleasure. Dro)))ne on.

Track Listing:

Julianna Barwick · Will
Untitled 6
Vanessa Amara · You're Welcome Here
Dream 3 (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix)
Max Richter · Sleep (Remixes
The Art Of Forgetting Yourself
Kenneth James Gibson · The Evening Falls
Gnossienne 3
Murcof/Vanessa Wagner · EP01
Tiento De La Luz 5
Thomas Koner · Tiento De La Luz
Rafael Anton Irisarri · A Fragile Geography
Motor City
Abdullah Rashim · Motor City Remixes
Oster Om Hebbershalet
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. · Forensligandet
The Temptation To Exist
Puce Mary · The Spiral
Clouds Into Midnight
Matt Carlson/Michael Stirling/Doug Theriault · Akash
St. Francis Duo · Peacemaker Assembly