Pop Drones Episode May 11, 2016

Pop Drones May 11 2016

9:59am - 11:53am

Two hours of subdued house and electronic communications. Batch of new releases from 1080p and Trilogy Tapes, a check in with some local releases, some new albums from heavy hitters The Field and Andy Stott, and much more. 2 hours of new music.

Track Listing:

Dream 13 (Marconi Union Remix)
Max Richter · Sleep Remixes
Apllet W
You're Me · Plant Cell Division
Elka · Chants
Mellow Vibe
DJ Zozi · Mellow Vibe
D.K. · Island Of Dreams
Southern Shore
Don't DJ · Authentic Exoticism
The Fudd
Ondo Fudd · Blue Dot
BZ Reaction
Peder Mannerfelt · Controlling Body
Ya Wayni
Carl Gari and Abdullah Miniawy · Darraje
Chicago By Night
Orland Voorn " · In My World
Living Is Serious Business (Orig Mix)
Fit Siegel/Tim Love Lee · Living Is Serious Business
Pink Sun
The Field · Follower
New Romantic
Andy Stott · Too Many Voices
Hatets Sanger
D.A.R.F.D.H.S. · Forenslingandet
Bruce · Steals
Solar Flames
Lake Haze · Natural Insight