Pop Drones Episode March 30, 2016

Pop Drones March 30 2016

10:00am - 11:59am

This week's show is split between the new new wave of analog-based synth dreamers and neu kraut groovers, and the next wave of digital electronics that crack and crumble.

Track Listing:

Howes · 3.5 Degrees
Little Jammy Centre
Secret Boyfriend · Memory Care Unit
The Hour
Fhloston Paradigm · Cosmosis Vol. 2
Durutti Gottsching
A Pleasure · Jream House
Tardis Cymbals
Cavern Of Anti-Matter · Void Beats/Invocation Trex
The Light
Hashish · A Product Of
Boreal Network · Itasca Road Trip
Horn and Vellum
Matthew Bourne · Moogmemory
Black Phase
Tim Hecker · Love Streams
Order Of Elements
Sophia Loizou · Singulacra
Maternal Afghan
Maxwell August Croy · Kaniza
Be Well
Nuel · Hyperboreal
Eidolons Beginning
Paul Jebanasam · Continuum