Pop Drones Episode November 4, 2015

Pop Drones Nov 4 2015

10:01am - 11:22am

This week we head to a more celestial place in modern electronic production, featuring subdued beatwork and a head-y approach in production that's more akin to spiritual jazz than dancefloor aesthetics. Headphones and a late night might be required to help ingest. Couple forthcoming and brand new tracks from labels like 1080p, L.I.E.S., Technicolour (A new-ish Ninjatune subsidiary), Mood Hut, Further Records and more labels featured on this episode.

Track Listing:

Phased Out (Mikey Young Remix)
Exhaustion · Phased Out
Jamaican Greek Style
Levantis · Romantic Psychology 1
Beta Librae · Swope Park
Bird Matrix (Kid 606 Dub Remix)
Actress · Bird Matrix Remixes
Shigeto · Intermission
Shackleton · Deliverance Series No. 3
Pussy Thumper
Hieroglyphic Being and J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Bul · We Are Not The First
Kid's Play
Randomer · Kid's Play
River Drum
Damon Eliza Palermo · Clouds Of David
Peace Arch
Slow Riffs · Gong Bath
Exit The Acropolis
Donato Dozzy · The Loud Silence