Pop Drones Episode October 28, 2015

Pop Drones Oct 28 2015

10:00am - 11:19am

Got an avant-punk/garage/psych-er for ya this week. A check in with always vibrant Australian scene, a sneak peek of the new Spacin' LP due in January, linking former co-Bassholes members Don Howland and Obnox (Lamont Thomas) and their new projects, new track from a self released Purling Hiss tape, and a track from the Zulus 2nd LP, which is ranking pretty high in the personal charts of 2015.

Track Listing:

70 and Dead
Terry · Talk About Terry
Nocturnal Admissions
The Intelligence · Vintage Future
Delays Expected
Clearance · Rapid Rewards
Focus On The Street
DRINKS · Hermits On Holidays
Lower Order"
Wand · 1000 Days
Spacin' · Total Freedom
Fuzz · II
Trouble Maker
Obnox · Wiglet
Little Organ
Don Howland · Life Is A Nightmare
Crocodile Tears
Purling Hiss · Meandering Noodle
God Take Me
The Coolies · Kaka
Phased Out
Exhaustion · Phased Out
Cuntz · Force The Zone
No Balance
Pronto · s/t
Kitchen's Floor · Battle Of Brisbane
Bad Times
Spray Paint · Dopers
Set Fire
Zulus · 2