Pop Drones Episode June 4, 2014

Broadcast on 04-Jun-2014

10:00am - 11:30am

Stanley Park "Obi Wan Kereoke"
Wetface "Sm,ells Like Piss"
Soft Serve "Sink Deep"
Gun Control "Rod"
The Backhomes "Talk"
Phantoms Again "Rides"
Get Real "Afraid Of Everything"
Dead Soft "Sometimes I forget"
Pinner "Dipper"
Genderdog "Bad Dream Lady"
Other Jesus "Belive"
The Poles "Pest"
Brass "Cause"
Dagrs "Funeral"
Tycho Brahe "The Sheltering Sky"
TAXA "Kingsway and Fraser"
Psychosomatic Itch "Slam"
Snit "Cat Brain" Salivation CS
Weird Candle "On The Edge"
Mosfett "Gingerbread Man"
Nervous Operator "Irrational Actor"
Amos Hertzman "Fairie Princess"
Eschatons "Post Perception"

Track Listing:

Obi Wan Kereoke
Stanley Park · bandcamp
Smells Like Piss
Wetface · bandcamp
Sink Deep
Soft Serve · bandcamp
Gun Control · bandcamp
The Backhomes · bandcamp
Phantoms Again · bandcamp
Afraid Of Everything
Get Real · bandcamp
Sometimes I forget
Dead Soft · bandcamp
Pinner · bandcamp
Bad Dream Lady
Genderdog · bandcamp
Other Jesus · bandcamp
The Poles · bandcamp
Brass · bandcamp
Dagrs · bandcamp
The Sheltering Sky
Tycho Brahe · bandcamp
Kingsway and Fraser
TAXA · resurrection year
Psychosomatic Itch · bandcamp
Cat Brain
Snit · Salivation
On The Edge
Weird Candle · bandcamp
Gingerbread Man
Mosfett · bandcamp
Irrational Actor
Nervous Operator · bandcamp
Fairie Princess
Amos Hertzman · bandcamp
Post Perception
Eschatons · bandcamp