Pop Drones Episode October 19, 2011

Broadcast on 19-Oct-2011

10:00am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

free as a cat
fat history month · fukcing despair
cambridge vagina
sic alps · s/t
sic alps · breadhead
ugly man
oh sees · s/t
psandwich · northern psych
pins and needles
hungry gayze · s/t
no enemies
obn III's · The one and only
die with dignity
watery love · s/t
condominium · warm home
bad drugs · raw powder
small prey
Bestial Mouths · hissing veil
neon nites
neon blud · split w/diet cokeheads
bleed me
sex church · growing over
white valley
far-out fangtooth · pure and disinterested
i'm creative
vex ruffin · crash course
it's beautiful
swiftumz · don't trip
moon duo · horror tour
my luck y day
angels in america · Narrow road to the interior
agains the reproduction of stereotypes
mattin · exquisite corpse
no la kill · nite prison comp
alf house
impossible babes · nite prison comp