Pop Drones Episode July 6, 2011

Broadcast on 06-Jul-2011

10:00am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

i will kiss anyone
love cuts
hygiene · public sector
i am the counter culture
charles albright
purling hiss · lounge lizards
cop city chill pillars · held hostage on planet chill
brain zip (kickin back in the electric chair)
human eye · they came from the sky
kill the kool
the spits · kill the kool
number to call
diet cokeheads · split w/neon blud
stephen eicher dot mourir
la race
anl jesus
shearing pinx · rituals
play nice
shearing pinx · night danger
the wicked west
black pus · primordial pus
crying demons
heavy chains · a very real hell
nu sensae
Athletic Odorama
Tonton Macoute · Mureedil
lichens beat
cankun · jaguar dance
araignee · split w/femminielli
orbital decay
Adrian Dziewanski · Orbital decay