Pop Drones Episode June 15, 2011

Broadcast on 15-Jun-2011

10:00am - 11:30am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

lone wolf
love cuts
time keeps time
grass widow
feel like dreams
art museums
mercurial julia
a night with nefertiti
night beats · split w/ufo club
he's mirrored
paperhead · s/t
my, my, my
the mediums · shiny void blues
enemy outta me
dope body · nupping
dr tony
golden staph · s/t
neon nites
neon blud · split w/diet cokeheads
abstract figures
naked on the vague
cola freaks · s/t
junkyard heart
human eye · they came from the sky
nobody likes you
cop city/chill pillars · held hostage on planet chill
womankind · s/t
the men · leave home
tommy toucher
heavy chains · a very real hell
File-Moi 20 Boules
La Race · s/t
rituals of life
shearing pinx · rituals
trip gamma
shearing pinx · night danger
basketball · maw