Pop Drones Episode August 5, 2009

Broadcast on 05-Aug-2009

10:00am - 11:30am

Started things off this week with a bangin' track off the new Oneida, and I do mean bangin'. Upon first listen, Brownout In Lagos sounds like it coulda' come off last year's dubby dancehall record by the Bug. Anyone let down by the loose kraut explorations on Oneida's record from last year, 'Preteen Weaponry' (the opener in the 'Thank Your Parents' trilogy), will be pleasantly surprised. Though the triple LP does have some sitar-drenched kosmiche, Oneida still find the time to rock it like it's 1999.

Brand new cassette (now sold out from the source) by France's High Wolf shows a brand new talent in the burgeoning cosmic-beach-world-psych genre. The man has played shows with Sun Araw, so you know he's in good company. He's also started a label called Winged Sun, which released the now-out-of-print debut cassette and CDR. Big things to come... In the meantime, you can snatch up the NNF cassette here, the Winged Sun cassette here, and the CDR here.

Came across a gnarly Big Black-styled band thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Still Single. A self-released 7"/CDR (order now!) has just been unleashed and it's pretty crushing. Definitely heavy on the Big Black, but much more blown out and textured, almost black metal styles at times. Required listening!

Just got the last batch of Goaty cassettes in the mail last week and Zully Adler (the NYC'er behind the label) has really upped the ante on the new batch. Thick cardstock sleeve, tons of inserts and other little goodies dropped inside make for some of the better packaging coming from the cassette underground right now. He's also managed to rope in some great, unheralded artists, including Bone Patrol, which is a collab between Dead Luke and Aaron from Peaking Lights. Nice meandering lo-fi psych drools. The flip of that cassette is Dead Luke going at it solo under the moniker Varlet Tarsod. Again, fans of Sun Araw et. al need to snatch up a copy! (drop a comment below to cop one from yours truly...)

New CDR from my main man in Connect_icut, Sam Macklin, was handed off last weekend and it's turned out to be one of the best things I've heard pried from the man's fingertips. The track I played on the show, Sea Bells On Sunday, is based around the opening of the Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning! Absolutely gorgeous...drop the man a line for a copy.

Coupla' shows worth mentioning...

Kris from Twee Death, Empress, Jeffrey Allport and Light Industry (NYC) present a night of experimental film and music. Check the Twee Death site for more info. This one is tonight and starts around 8pm. See you there...

Also, Sex Negatives will be playing with Damo Suzuki this Saturday on the 8th at the Biltmore. Should be an interesting Sex Negatives set with Keith and Justin out of the city for the time being. Apparently Brody has lined up some guest musicians. Defektors are opening, and I really can't wait to see them again after they killed it last night at Pat's pub, where they played with Detroit's Frustrations.

That's it for this week.

Download this week's episode here. (right click link, then save as)

Oneida "Brownout In Lagos" Rated O 3LP (Jagjaguwar) 2009
Future Blondes "Heartless" split w/Indian Jewelry 12" (Dull Knife) 2009
High Wolf "The Boto" Animal Totem CS (Not Not Fun) 2009
Kurt Vile "Subliminal Message" Fall Demons 7" (Skulltones) 2009
Magik Markers "Sleep Next To Me" Balf Quarry LP (Drag City) 2009
Woods "Echo Lake" Songs Of Shame LP (Woodsist) 2009
The Ramjac "Flee The Skin" Curserer 7" (self released) 2009
Francis Harold & The Holograms "Mirror Of Fear" 7" (Hozac) 2009
Action Swingers "Nothing To Me Now" The Complete London Toe Rag Sessions LP (Cheap Date) 2009
Tyvek "Flowers" The World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8 LP (Almost Ready) 2009
Heavy Winged "Tidal Blackness" Washing, Shaking LP (aurora-borealis) 2009
Varlet Tarsod "Psychic Desert" split w/Bone Patrol CS (Goaty Tapes) 2009
Caethua "Surface Waters And Underground Seas" split w/Ancestral Diet CS (Goaty Tapes) 2009
Connect_icut "Sea Bells On Sunday" Fourier's Algorithm CDR (self released) 2009

Track Listing:

Brownout In Lagos
Oneida · Rated O
Future Blondes · split w/Indian Jewelry
The Boto
High Wolf · Animal Totem
Subliminal Messages
Kurt Vile · Fall Demons
Sleep Next To Me
Magik Markers · Balf Quarry
Echo Lake
Woods · Songs Of Shame
Flee The Skin
The Ramjac · s/t
Mirror Of Fear
Francis Harold & The Holograms · s/t
Nothing To Me Now
Action Swingers · The Complete London Toe Rag Sessions
Tyvek · The World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8
Tidal Blackness
Heavy Winged · Washing, Shaking
Psychic Desert
Varlet Tarsod · split w/Bone Patrol
Surface Waters And Underground Seas
Caethua · split w/Ancestral Diet
Sea Bells On Sunday
Connect_icut · Fourier's Algorithm