Pop Drones Episode July 29, 2009

Broadcast on 29-Jul-2009

10:00am - 11:30am

The sweat continues to drip from my fingers and on to tasty new platters of wax as Vancouver is pummeled with a heat wave.

The show kicked off this week with some serious feminine heat, courtesy of midnight disco-murk goddess Nite Jewel, a new CDR of outtakes by the Magik Markers taken from their recently released 'Balf Quarry' LP, the new tightly wound Little Claw on Ecstatic Peace, and a new re-issue from Grouper. No wonder my palms were so sweaty in the booth this week.

New 10"er by Nerve City has been receiving many hits at home, and I couldn't be more excited for a full length LP from them due in the coming months from local label Sweet Rot. Stay tuned for more on them...

Managed to snake a copy of the limited to 200 cassette (sold only at the Captured Tracks/Woodsist fest that happened a few weeks back in NYC) by the Fresh and Onlys. Wow, can that band ever punp out the tuneful garage kickers. Two 7"s, two cassettes, an LP all in one year? Scratch that...two LPs. New full length of all unreleased material due out on Woodsist sometime in September. Band of the year?

Ty Segall continues his onslaught of 2009 with a handful of 7"s, a new full length and a split LP with the UK's Black Time. West Coast tour coming from the one-man wonder. Have to fit that into my schedule somewhere along the lines...

Coupla' new-ish numbers popped in the mail from the burgeoning Almost Ready label. The new Pink Noise is worth the peeping, but the best of the batch is the 'World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8', which contains the best Blank Dogs song I've e'er laid ears on (played on this show, thanks to Grimmertown for heppin' me that one), not to mention exclusive tracks by Pink Reason, Times New Viking, Vivian Girls, Sic Alps, and a heap of others. This one won't stick around for too much longer.

Finally got to lay my hands on a copy of the Amen Dunes LP, which is slowly making it's way up the ladder of best of '09. A lot of acoustic-based lo-fi downer-pop. It's a mouthful but worth the investigatin'.

Moon Duo, which is Ripley the guitarist from Wooden Shjips, continues on down the trail being burned by his mothership. Get a hold of Aquarius Records for this one, as it seems to be disappearing fast. New Blues Control finally made it's way up to Canada, and was it ever worth the wait. 4 tracks of molten psych, submerged and raised up in all the right spots. Not quite as tops as Puff, but a necessary piece of future psych.

Squeezed in a nice spotlight on Indiana cassette label El Tule, which just released the Ducktails side-project Parasails. More drifting beach psych from the reigning king. El Tule has also been pumping out some other great cassettes, two of which are highlighted below. Anyone interested in some Parasails action should drop a comment below.

Until next week, keep yer records out of the sun.

Track Listing:

Grouper · He Knows
What Did He Say?
Nite Jewel · Good Evening
Magik Markers · Shame Mask
Colours You Drown
Little Claw · Human Taste
Patience As A Virtue
Nerve City · I Fucked Death
Red Light, Green Light
Fresh & Onlys · Bomb Wombs
Bring Your Love
Cave Weddings · s/t
The Drag
Thee Oh Sees · split w/ Ty Segall
Universal Momma
Ty Segall
Ty Segall
Ty Segall · split w/Black Time
In Love
Ty Segall · split w/Black Time
Pink Noise · Alpha
Glass Shatters
Black Time · split w/Ty Segall
Social Retard
B-Lines · Burnt Cds
By The Bridal
Amen Dunes · DIA
Ages Ago
Blank Dogs · The World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8
Love On The Sea
Moon Duo · Love On The Sea
Parasails · Skylife
Dylan Ettinger · Bread Of The Dead
Imaginary Listener
Women In Tragedy · Nothing But Dreams
Good Morning
Blues Control · Local Flavor