Phone Bill Episode October 22, 2021

Dust Cwaine

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Heyo Dust Cwaine here,

I have been doing drag for over 5 years and much of the last 3 have been mostly centered around singing live. Drag is a magical art form, it gives the player access to a part of themselves that they want to show more and or reveals things that have yet to be known to the player. I think this is why I keep on doing it. Drag also helped me discover my Non-Binary Identity as well as lead me to discovering the term Aromantic which lives in the A of 2SLGBTQIA+ it means I have little to not romantic feeling or inclination. Doesn’t mean I am incapable of love though, just that Romance doesn’t come up authentically for me. Fascinating right?

During the pandemic I started writing music and playing with the idea of steering my artistic career in this direction. That’s when I met Josh Eastman and learned about the work he is doing at Helm Studios. Helm was created to fill a void in the music scene offering low barrier, equitable accessible music production services for QTBIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ folks. It’s pretty damn cool.

Today I am releasing my first Studio single produced at Helm by Josh, it’s called INNUENDO. This song is the start of a cool journey for me, something Josh and I have worked very hard on. It’s an introduction of sorts to the music community/Industry. It will be followed by another single and then a whole fricken album!

I have a set in here with three local artists who I love. Devours I met in 2019 and in the last 6 or 7 months have gotten to know better. I really resonate with the way they pull light towards some of the disparaging aspects of gay culture, it’s so important to dismantle the toxic masculinity and I really admire Devours for just doing it. PLEASEBENICE is someone I am deeply grateful for, she carries herself with so much grace and is so kind, her music pulls me in with its honesty and offers the most beautiful perspectives on love and life. Jody Glenham, what to even say, if she reads this it will be silly, it’s fine though, I have a drag mom already but i feel like I would like Jody to be my Music mom. Her music pulls me into my feels kicking and screaming and then sits it down to enjoy the shoe gazey rock musicality that a lot of music can be void of. Her soul sits out in front of every song she sings and that is a benchmark for me to strive towards.

Jann Arden. That’s the paragraph. Everybody say JANNAISSANCE, that’s a Jann Renaissance. It’s what she deserves and what we the fans get to watch unfold.

I hope you enjoy my episode of PHONE BILL, I put a lot of silly thought into it and I dedicate it to my late father Rodney Cutting, who loved music and loved a lot of these songs I chose. I sure hope he likes my song INNUENDO, wherever he is now, and I hope you do too.

Thank you for listening.

Track Listing:

We Got Love
Teyana Taylor (Feat Lauren Hill) · -
Matchbox Twenty · -
Let It Rain
Amanda Marshall · -
Tweeter and the Monkey Man
Headstones · -
Death is a B Side
Devours · -
Can't Believe I Found You
Pleasebenice · -
Friday Night Lights
Jody Glanham · -
I Know You
Jann Arden · -
Pink Seat$ · -
Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis · -