Phone Bill Episode August 27, 2021


5:04pm - 5:50pm

The ever outspoken MC, Laz was born to refugees who fled war torn Sudan and northern Uganda and later found peace in Canada. Laz is a Hip Hop artist who uses music to present new perspectives that others may not have considered and uses the turbulent life stories of his parents as inspiration to persevere through times of trouble. The content of his songs resonate with those who have ambitious souls and are eager to jump over any obstacles that life throws their way.

Track Listing:

Afrikan Child
Laz · single
Brooklyn (we go hard)
Jay z · single
Take me away
Kalyan Rath ft Sahati · single
Kendrick Lamar · Damn.
Don’t look back
Laz ft Stvrk · single
Blue remix
Stvrk ft Laz and Frederick Bantoe · single
Maia · single
Haleluya Hailu · single
Live Life like it’s Beautiful
Jason Q Lawrence · single
Math class
Raptor · single
Day ones
Laz · single